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Neon finally gave up

07-12-2008, 09:19 PM
So the head gasket finally gave out on my 1996 Sohc neon. just shy of 185,000 miles (Probably has a few more thousand cause the gauges weren't working when i got it and i drove it like that for almost a year. In the end it wasn't that bad of a car i guess. only issues were:

New rotors and pads for the front
Turned the rear drums and new shoes
New oil pan
New headlights and bulbs
5 New water outlets (Autozone had defective ones that wouldnt keep seal)
New cam seal (local garage put few too many quarts oil in and it popped out.)
New belts and timing belt
And a nasty rod knock that wasn't the final blow like i thought.

So when i got the car with 115,000 miles till it died at 185,000 it was pretty reliable. lasted 5 years :D . neons really arn't that bad. I averaged 30 mpg Highway untill the head gasket went then i only got about 20mpg.

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