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95 mystique losing revs

06-15-2008, 11:57 PM
During a highway drive my v6 '95 mystique started to lose power and drop from 3000 rpm to 2000 and back again real quickly. In Nuetral the car would only rev up to 4000. When driving the car would also hesitate upon accelaration as well. I bought the code reader and and the code that came up was "o2 sensor too lean". Went and bought a sensor and when went to change it noticed the existing one had gotten unplugged. Plugged it back in and read codes again which then said it was fine so i returned that sensor. however the cars performance did not change. upon research i came with the conclusion that the computer needed to reset itself which would involve unplugging the battery for at least 24 hours or drive the car for a while to allow the computer to relearn. Neither method had worked for me and one week after the orginal problem started It got worse.

The car now seems to have no guts at all it won't drive past 50 km/hour and stutters during the drive, idles at about 150 rpm and has stalled once at idle. I ran the codes again and it now reads that only 4 cylinders are working and " egr circuit below minimum voltage " and that same o2 sensor code again. Now the car had been in the family since new and appararently all the recalls were done. My uncle knows of someone with exact make and year that had similar problems and apparently after numerous shops couldn't fix it they finally changed the sparkplug wires and all problems stopped. Haven't tried that yet but figured I'd run it by you guys. Any Ideas????

02-07-2010, 07:23 PM
I'd be thinking fuel distribution i.e. fuel filter.

EGR and lean O2 messages both reek of fuel distribution problems.

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