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06-03-2008, 02:23 AM
Okay so I'm installing this on my 92 TT but have a question. On the three hoses Port #1 (B) goes to a pressurized source on the intake manifold. I plan on T'ing off to the line that goes to the boost gauge is that OK?

Secondly Port #3 (0) will be t'd into the wastegate actuators. No problem there.

The main question is Port #2 (I) is to be connected to the turbo compressor housing or outlet pipe before the intercooler. Is there a fitting or hose that I can tap into for that or do I need to buy an install kit to do this? Thanks!

Also anyone else with this EBC? Where did you mount the stepping motor? BTW I know this is a pretty cheap unit bought I got a really good price on it and found the controls to be very simple.

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