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Gullwing Kit

05-27-2008, 12:35 PM
I have a 97 del sol with wide body kit i had lambo doors installed but took them off because they are so common now. I decided i would go with butterfly doors/ gullwing.

They sell the Gt Factory

They sell the AutoLoc

I personally think the GT is a much better kit than the AutoLoc, the only difference in the AutoLoc is that you can install it true delorean style or butterfly type style, however the instructions are not as detailed as the GT instructions which are on each link above.

The AutoLoc is cheaper, but the saying is you get watcha pay for :)

Personally i have the AutoLoc door poppers and solenoid as well as the hidden antenna so i know SOME of their products are well made.

Also im sure its safe to say that installation of either kit will be alot more than the lambo kit. Am i dead on?

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