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89 fox elictrical issues? or mechanical?

05-09-2008, 04:05 AM
i have a 89 vw fox that has been quite a hand full. i cant find any one that can tell me exactly whats wrong with it. for a while it stalled here and there and it would start right back up. then you could drive were ever you needed to go or it would stall again mayby depended on how far you was going. then i lost the radiator and it stalled and it has never gone more them 100ft on her own since.
it starts like a champ depening on aperently every thing in the cosmos it will idle or it wont. when i tinker enough to get it to idle for more then i few seconds and you even think of touching the throttle it either stalls or it thinks about reving up then stalls :banghead:. it never runns for more the 15 seconds tops usualy . latly when it stalles for the second time with in a 2-5 minute time frame you just sit and crank till you let it sit for about 5 then it fires right back up 2nd to 3rd cylinder up she takes off for a couple seconds then stalls or sputters out. no one has any clue today i hot wired in an old ford coil and i think it may have helped but i didnt have time to try more then once at it if any one has any ideas let me know ill let you know if i figure any thing out in the meen time.

thank you for you time.

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