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300zxtt q's..

04-27-2008, 12:23 PM
Hi'ya. I'm over from the DSM area. I've been getting pretty tired of the DSM sceen so I've been scouting around at my next project car and think that I've narrowed down to the 300zx TT. Parts are about the same $$ the knolege base decent, and the HP per $ seems to be pretty decent.

What I've noticed in the online racing community is information dosn't come cheap. Most e-thuger-know-it-all's who skim the sites looking for questions not asked 1000 times (me) its not easy to get them to help you out. It's not easy going from a goru to a noob'ru so if you guys don't mind helping me out with basic q's without me having to spend 6 hours a day online looking for I would be VERY happy to retun the favor if any of you would like to know more about the 90-99 DSM's.

I read the ripping up the world in your z artical wich was awsome! answerd most of my general q's. Sounds like the 94-95's are the better year due to $$ of the 96's. It also seems that the z32's don't exactly have the same (cough) reliability issues as the DSM's. I'm going to be moving from Washington to Texas this summer for my wife and I'm not sure if I'm going to sell my 96 gsx or leave it up here. If I sell it, it'll give me an extra $5k to start with and I wouldn't have to worry about a second car to move 2000 miles. Non the less; Hello.. Here are my q's.

The first modification I always do is Engine Mangment and Fuel. I' had been thinking about moving up to the AEM EMS in my DSM before my wife and I considerd moving. I havn't heard alot of info on the EMS for the z32's, plus its supper fucking expensive compared to the DSM! I'm currently using DSMlink wich I wish I could keep.. What's the best $$ per $$ EMS for the z32 for a tech'e ??

According to KBB and NADA a decent 95-91 ranges from $7 to $12, is that about right for a good condition well maintained stock Z? I wouldn't consider buying a modified car.. ever..

Where are some of the better sites to learn more about the ECU's fuel mapping, timing curves, airfllow tables, enrichment curves exc..? I'm currious on how the strock ecu manages the performance of the engine..

Thanks guys.. See ya around..
ps. forgive the spelling I'm on a computer without Ispell

04-27-2008, 05:58 PM
The people that have the AEM EMS on twinturbo.net love it. That being said, most of those people have little to nothing left of the stock engine management system and are usually racing or otherwise performing extremem modification to their cars. There are a number of plug and play ECUs for the Z as you read about in the tuning FAQ. A Nistune ECU or emulator with TunerPro or something.

$7-$12 is the general range, it varies by area but that's a good place to start.

For tuning info, start searching through the twinturbo.net archives. There is a lot of what you're looking for in there and once you've read through a bit of it you'll start picking out names that you can email with specific questions.

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