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1998 Mystique 2.0 4cyl. Zetec DOHC Timing Problems

big daddy666
04-12-2008, 10:05 PM
While in traffic, my top timing idler pulley disintegrated and proceeded to damage the Timing Belt, Tensioner, and Both Idler pulleys. I replaced all pulleys and the tensioner and a new belt. Set the timing and the car was running great. Drove it about 60 mi. and noticed a bad idle, so I pulled off the top timing belt cover and the belt was being ripped up pretty bad. On Top of the belt and also on the teeth of the belt and the front edge. I can see where it walked forward on the sprockets and the cams. So I replaced the belt with a new one and didn't put the covers back on. We watched it for a while and didn't notice it walking out at all. I measured the distance of the belt to the outside of the middle aluminum cover and had approx. 1/8" clearance. Thought everything looked good- WRONG!!!! It did the same thing again after approx. 60 mi. But this time the belt is still on the car and it seems it has jumped time drastically. It will not start at all. What should I do about this? I know I have to reset the time and probably buy another belt but how can I solve the problem with the tearing up of the belts?? When we set the timing this car runs like it is brand new. No noise at all. Any and all help will be greatly appretiated!!!!!!!:banghead:

08-04-2008, 03:34 PM
This is an old thread I haven't done this engine. Normally one of the pulleys has a guard so the belt can't run off the pulley. Sides on the pulley are you missing this side piece for the pulley. Look at the pictures in your manual which you used for the original job. Call a machine shop as some of these engines bend valves when the timing belt breaks,

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