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'08 Jetta test drive....first impressions

04-09-2008, 08:46 PM
Just got back from testing out two '08 VW Jettas. The first was an '08 City model with 6 spd tiptronic and 115 hp 4 cylinder gas engine.
I was able to take the cars down a seldom travelled road and put them through their paces.
First thing I noticed was some wind noise from the drivers door....probably only a minor adjustment needed but it shouldn't have left the factory like that.
The real issue I had was with the transmission. During hard acceleration I could watch the tach CLIMB after a shift had taken place. I could hear the engine wind up (trans. slipping) and then settle back about 300 rpm before climbing for the next shift. It was a real slushy feeling transmission. I hated the way it felt but I thought that I better take out another Jetta before condemning the whole works of them.
The second Jetta was an '08 (new style) and was extremely sharp when compared to its (old style) mate.
I was impressed with how much additional trunk space the new Jetta has and also about how much additional legroom is in this car compared to the other one.
It's 174 hp 5 cylinder motor was a welcome change and the 6 speed tiptronic shifted cleanly and crisply the way I expect a new transmission to shift.
However at a crawl speed the car had a tendency to lunge when even slight pressure was applied to the accelerator. No problem on an open road but could be problematic in confined spaces like indoor parking lots and grocery store lots.
Given that both these cars had some form of transmission issues I would not consider either one until these problems are brought forth and dealt with.

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