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Help Please!!

03-22-2008, 10:55 PM
Today I drove (1/2 mile) and had my car in park position for 5 minutes, with the key in the starter motor position. I realized there was a problem when I heard my car make a siren type sound and other strange noises and when I turned it off it smelled burning a bit. When I tried turning it on it wouldn't ignite until I jump started it. Thanks to the guy that jump started my car he told me that my key got stuck in the starter motor position. I have my Range rover 89' parked and I am afraid to start it again. I spent my life savings on a new engine 6 months ago and I am afraid to spend another bundle again. I am a girl that is learning about cars and would like some advise so I don't get the run around from a mechanic.

03-22-2008, 11:02 PM
Wait... This is a Range Rover you need help with? You realize you posted it in the Eclipse section... And not even in the right subforum at that... It's ok, I'll just move it to the proper section for you...

Of course it is a very universal problem that you posted about. If you turn the key forward and hold it too long (or if it gets stuck) it is burning up the starter on the flywheel. Worse case scenario, you have to buy a new starter. Maybe a flywheel if you broke any teeth off of it in the process...

Moved to Range Rover section...

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