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The "Silver Bullet" Rides again!

02-26-2003, 05:23 PM
My 86 900 16v Turbo Silver Combi Coupe' is back on the road again.

Its a bit over 14 months ago that she spat the pinion out the diff coverplate, having sheared off from the output shaft. Much time has been waited, looking for the right gearbox, and scratching all the dollars in one pile to make it happen.

But its funny, what started as just a gearbox replacement led to the inclusion of repairs needed to gain a road worthy certificate for registration. Thats a MoT in UK speak.

So we replaced the upper control arm bushes, the power steering rack, the Clutch hydraulic line for a nice stainless braided one, all three engine mounts were past their usefullness and were also replaced..

While the engine was out it recieved new front and rear crankseals not forgetting the the oil pump "O" ring. All the rubber hoses were replaced even the expensive ones. Last but not least the air conditioning compressor was replaced and the air con recommissioned.

I started with a budget of $2500.00 Australian to just do the gearbox(A$1300), I wound up spending $6,500.00 Australian. I don't regret it because I have done all those things I had been puttin up and off with for so long. Like driving a new car it is. It started as just an exercise to get the "Silver Bullet" back on the road, so I could have some fun on weekends. I know can have fun any time I like.


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