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1969 MGC Parts Needed

yo rocco
03-02-2008, 04:10 PM
Looking For A 1969 Mgc Air Pump, Pully And Brackets ;air Pump Air Filter Assembly, Carb Air Filter Assy, And Back Plates That Attach Air Filter Assy To Carbs

anne marie benoit
03-03-2021, 06:03 AM
Hi 13 yrs later..are you still looking for the 1969 MG parts?. My name is Anne Marie and I got a full MG mint condition car here that was build in 69 and registered in 1970. My car is a prototype as they only made one in the world as far as I know. It's a beautiful gorgeous Bright yellow MG convertible with white leather inside and it has a Ford blue print motor. Ford and MG got together way back when MG was going out of business and build this together. I talked to the Chicago museum that hold the George Barris collection, one of the guy who work there knows the Barris family, he emailed them about my car and Barris family knew my car right of way and who owned it originally. Yet the museum or Barris won't tell me anything about this car. . My car is also a race car, legal race car as it was build for a famous race car driver and supposedly given this car for his retirement. Anyway my car is for sale if you are interested or knows anyone who would be let me know. My car has 17000 original miles that's it and it is a standard, I nevered learned to drive standard. I would love to take my car for a ride someday before selling it.

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