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Saturn Parts For Sale

02-27-2008, 11:25 AM
I am parting out a 1994 Saturn SL2

I have the following:

Windows for all 4 doors $25 Each
Small windows for rear doors $10 Each
Dash Top Piece $20
Instrument Cluster Surround $20
D.S. Under Dash Piece $20
A/C Compressor $35
Front Seat Lap Belts $10 Each
D.S. Pop-Up Headlight Assembly $40
DOHCams $100

All 4 Doors w/ windows: $50 Each P.S. parted out still have the other 3
Trunk Lid w/ Spring: $50
D.S. Front Fender $$$SOLD$$$
D.S. Rear Q.P. w/ matching fuel door $35
P.S. Rear Q.P. : $35
Front Bumper w/ minor damage: $30
Lower Bumper piece with some damage: $20
Rear Bumper w/ plastic & metal bumper pieces: $40
Hood w/ minor p.s. damage: $75
Headlights: $25 each
Tail lights: $25 each
D.S. Rear Spindle w/o strut: $25
P.S. Rear Spindle w/o strut: $25
(Rotors and pads appear to be pretty new, but that is just by me glancing at them)
D.S. Rear Strut $25
P.S. Rear Strut $25
Water Pump $20
Power Steering Pump $35
Thermostat w/ Housing $20
Alternator $35
Mater Cyl. $40
Washer Fluid Res. $15
Coolant Res. $15
Coils $20
Console W/ Window Controls $20
D.S. Visor $5
P.S. Visor $5
Back Seats (Upper Fold Down Parts) $40 for All
Rear Speaker Covers $3 each
Dome light $5
Rear Seat belts $10 each
Alum. Valve Cover $50
Plug Wires $10
Idle Pulley $20
Various Trim Pieces
D.S. Seat Belt Motor and Track $15
P.S. Seat Belt Motor and Track $15
D.S. Under door bottom body piece: $15
P.S. Under door bottom body piece: $15
Rear Windshield $250 obo

I also have the following parts from a 1994 Saturn SC2
2 D.S. Headlight Motors for the Pop-Up style headlights: SOLD
Headlight Cap for the D.S. w/ minor rust: $5

Unless specified, all the parts are in pretty good condition.
If interested in anything please contact me.
Also, if you need anything else, just ask, I'm sure I can locate it.

05-15-2008, 07:28 PM

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