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Q45 engine into a z32

02-07-2008, 11:29 PM
Hellos guys my engine just broke so i found this place were they have a 1996 Q45 engine and i was thinking what will i need to make that engince fit and work properly with the 300zx. Please i will like to receive information on what will i need to buy along with the engine, computer and hardness. Do i need to also buy the tranny? please help

02-08-2008, 04:24 AM
There was a guy that posted here a few times with this swap but search is failing hard right now. The people at HybridZ.org should be able to help you out.

02-22-2008, 01:40 AM
Ok I am the guy he is talking about.... LOL
yes its possible do alot, I mean ALOT of research before you try it. You will need custom mounts for the engine, headers, and a tranny adapter if you plan on using a 5speed manual from a TT. If you use a automatic the twin turbo auto is the same transmission as the Q45 auto so no need for adapters. Just get a TT AT. I am using a AT from a TT, I am lazy like that.
The engine will fit, but you will run into hood clearance issues. If you want to use the stock intake plenum on the VH then you will have to cut a nasty hole in the hood. DONT. Make a custom intake manifold that will fit. The block of the VH is the same height as the VG. As for the weights of the engines that is a great debate, one that I am currently banned from HybridZ forums for.... BRAAP is a bizitch sometimes. But for the most part I havent found ALOT of useful info on there most of my info has come from the NICO forums on the VH45 section. If you use a 96 Q45 it might be a VH41DE and not a VH45DE. The VH41 is a good engine and more common but I am not a fan of tring to put a engine that performs less than my target baseline.

Next thing I suggest is set a baseline goal, what do you want this car to do when you are done puting the engine in it. Then once thats done have a goal for the project overall, horsepower, quarter mile, road course what ever.

Example in my case my goals are this.
I want the engine running 500bhp all motor on drop in. The car is going to be daily driven street strip. Total projected amount for engine build up is 10Grand. I have so far invested 2.5Gs into it and I have it on a stand right now getting tore down.... but its been cold as hell in my garage and I havent touched it since the last warm spell we had that was 3 weeks ago. I am also working out a deal with the local fab shops to see who can build me the best intake plenum that will fit in the confines of my engine bay with the engine in the car. This is difficult because I need to have the engine IN the car for this so I can get exact measurements. I have come up with a sneaky plane that might work though..... And oddly enough it comes from the Z32. The twin throttlebodies work well on the VG why not on the VH, the VH stock has a 90mm throttlebody, so I figure if I get the upgraded throttlebodies from Z1 I will increase my TB air intake size to around 100mm. The only real snag I have run into is finding cams.... I might have to go with regrinds as much as I dont want to. If you have questions I probly have the answers already... been working on this for oh... 2 or more years off and on.

02-27-2008, 04:41 PM
Thank you for the help guys, after several research i decided not to follow on this idea. Thank you for your time.

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