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D.I.Y. suspension mods for '08 Ltd

02-04-2008, 08:24 PM
Question for the Hyundai Techs or Parts Dept Managers...

I need 4-doors and and a certain level of luxury, but I also enjoy spirited driving, ie., I want a sport-tuned suspension with my Sonata Ltd luxury. Apparently, Hyundai has found little demand for this until the 2009 model year.

It would be wonderful if anyone can confirm that the new 2009 Sonata SE suspension is interchangeable with the 2008 Ltd? Specifically, the newly valved f/r struts, stiffer f/r springs and larger f/r sways. Compatibility may provide a relatively inexpensive 'fix' if you want a sport-tuned suspension with your pre-2009 Ltd luxury. From the recent press release describing the new model specs:
An advanced four-wheel independent suspension system combines a supple ride with sharper handling and steering response for Sonata GLS and Limited models. Up front is a double-wishbone system with coil springs, revalved, twin-tube, gas-filled hydraulic shock absorbers, and a larger 26 mm stabilizer bar. The system's lower control arms increase handling precision while reducing vibration, and bushing size has been increased to better absorb the shock from road impacts.

In back, a new sophisticated multi-link system provides excellent handling along with superb ride quality and noise isolation. The rear spring rates have been increased by five percent, shocks revalved and the sway bar thickened from 15 mm to 16 mm. All together, this suspension now provides superior control of ride motions for a more dynamic driving experience.

The high-performance Sonata SE becomes an even more exciting and willing partner for enthusiastic drivers with its own unique sport-tuned suspension. The new sport-tuned suspension features a 15 percent stiffer front spring rate, 10 percent stiffer rear spring rate, unique strut valving at all four corners and 27 mm front and 17 mm rear stabilizer bars along with unique 17-inch alloy wheels and tires.
I realize some might dismiss this as drastic, but I speak from experience. I replaced the oem struts and springs in my '05 Infiniti G35 6mt sport sedan with 350z suspension parts (direct drop-in, different valving and rates) and a new set of after market 350z f/r sways. It lowered the car 1/2", removed excessive factory understeer and more evenly balanced the roll transfer from front to rear. It also allowed me to retain a linear oem spring rather than be forced to a progressive rate aftermarket spring, which kept the soft, luxo feel until pushed.

Frankly, it improved safety and handling performance significantly for less than $500 with -very- little sacrifice (darn near un-noticeable) to ride quality. The car was a blast to push hard, and you could easily hang the back-end and control with throttle input at will without concern for swapping ends. It was quite a lot of fun to thoroughly spank more expensive coupes at the AutoX and thru the twisties with a 4-door sedan. ;-)

Ok, so I can't do that with a fwd Sonata, but my biggest complaint with the Ltd is the body roll. Swapping in the new '09 parts might be a great, easy and inexpensive upgrade path for those looking to add a little more life and stability to their luxury.

Can a Tech or Parts dept. confirm parts compatibility please? Thanks.

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