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(KIV part 3) 1/48 F-16I!

01-10-2008, 11:13 AM
this is the 3rd kiv bird sitting in my closet...the super F-16I of IDF!

though i don't like the works of this plane does back in Israel, but i respect the sheer creativity of converting a normal 2-seater F-16 into a monster!!!

take a look...

Kit used is hasegawa F-16D, conversion kit from isracast, aires F-16D cockpit, cutting edge full intake tunnel, eduard F-16D p/e set & isradecal sheet.


the F-16I has twice the combat range compared to the normal 2-seater F-16s, given the blessing of 2 funny shaped CFM (fuel tanks) mount on the upper fuselage & the ability to carry 600 gal tanks (370 gal for normal bird)

trust me, this bird really look like a mutant + transformer type of F-16 if you see it in 'person'!!!

more cheers!:screwy:


01-13-2008, 10:52 AM
With all this stuff sticked the F16 looks terrific, badass, I woud say HR Giger+ (alien's papa) plane.

Great: do you like simple projects? ROFL. Can't wait for more

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