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Starter not working properly 93 Sonata

12-30-2007, 11:10 AM
I've never used a forum before, so here goes. 93 Sonata 6cyl automatic. Shut car off at Mc D's and it wouldn't start. Battery is super good. Clicking sound, but will not engage the selenoid into the flywheel. We've tried two new starters and a new starter relay and still nothing. It will engage the selenoid if you get under the car and short out the starter. Then the selenoid will kick into the flywheel and the car will start but it will not engange the selenoid from the ignition switch. The car has no disabling device installed that I am aware of. I just got it a month ago and the owner never mentioned it and it's been running great up till now. 50,0000 miles.
Any help would be greatly appreciated as the car has been sitting this way for six days now.

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