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what happens if......

12-24-2007, 05:49 PM
what happens if i eliminate the center plastic piece in a 73 tr6, the part that goes from the shifter to the radio to the switch panel??? will the dash fall off, or the floor come up, or something drastic like that??? i'm not trying to desicrate the humble tr6 but it would help, as i could use the extra room, as i'm not the usual tr6 type driver, an this mod would help.

01-18-2008, 09:31 PM
Hi Ex!
I've been playing with TR's for over 30 years.
Check, I think you will find that the plastic piece runs from the lower edge of the dash, down around the radio, and down around the shift lever.
The piece also runs down to the floor on each side of the tunnel.
Actually, the plastic is only a cover over an aluminum casting.
This cast brace bolts to the instrument panel, then bolts to the floor on each side of the tunnel. This is to brace the instrument panel to the floor, to reduce 'cowl shake'.

You can run the car without this brace, but don't be surprised if the instrument panel shakes when you hit bumps in the road.

01-19-2008, 08:27 AM
so, if i could make an appealing brace that was centered under the dash to the tranny tunnel, i'd get the leg room i need....and the bracing would be intact? ! ? !
p.s. i have a slight disability that the extra room on the right side would enable me to drive my LBC more and actually enjoy it!!!
the loss of the stereo does not bother me, as i enjoy the sound of the IL6 humming its way down the road, and top up, or down, at speed, the stero is too loud anyway!!
thanks for the reply.
sign me, waiting for spring thaw in central wisconsin.!!!

01-19-2008, 10:05 AM
Hi Cheezy!

The brace needs to run to the frame, not the tranny tunnel. The origional brace bolted through the floor and into the inner frame rails on each side of the transmission. Other strong points are at the 4-bolt pattern in the floor just inboard of the front edge of each door. These bolts run straight into brackets on the outer frame rails.
The brace needs to be stiff in the direction side-to-side across the car, this is the direction of the shake.
The tranny cover is just a weather cover over the transmission. It is not a structural member of the car. You remove this cover to remove the transmission. I have driven my TR with this cover removed on test drives, but the spinning front U-joint is RIGHT THERE, waiting to snag long hair, loose clothing, etc.
Check Ebay. People sell the TR braces there on occaision. By the way, if your cover is really good, DON'T cut up your brace! Get one that's already been modified for a different radio, or on which the cover is deteriorated or has been removed. SAVE your brace it it's a good one. They're getting pretty rare (and Expen$ive!)
Also, watch Ebay for parts.
Another good source for parts is The Roadster Factory in Armagh, PA. They are reasonable on price, all things considered, but mainly they do their best to have ALL the parts in stock, and their parts are either OEM (British Motor Heritage), or are made by the people who used to make them for Triumph, or are made to origional factory drawings, or are as close a copy of an origional part as they can have manufactured.
All the Best!


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