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Injen Intake adds 14 Horsepower to G35 Sedan !!??!!??

01-29-2003, 06:26 PM
:eek: http://www.speedoptions.com/articles/3307/

01-29-2003, 06:53 PM
is that for the coupe or sedan? sure looked like a coupe in the video. +14 hp is impressive, but whats the deal with the 226 hp? what happened to 280? i know there is a difference between hp at the flywheel and hp at the wheels, but i didn't think it was quite that drastic.

so.. would adding this filter keep me in check w/ my warrany?

01-30-2003, 01:29 PM
The 226 is the Rear Wheel Horsepower (RWHP) This is a driveline loss of 20% based on the 280 HP figure Infiniti gives. Acceptable loss ranges from 15-20%, so they are on the upper end, but it's still considered "normal."

I looked at the stock air box, and it's quite good IMO. It takes air from the cooler outside air, and seems to have a big element. I have a hard time believing that Injen can get 14 HP out of just a CAI. It's possible, but it seems a bit much. Most likely gains wouldn't be felt unless you were at WOT anyway. But who knows. If it's true, that's great bang for your buck.

CAI's don't void factory warrantee. I think it has something to do with non-moving parts. Not to mention, they are almost always bolt-on, so if you had problems, you could simply replace the old one, and the dealer wouldn't know the difference.

02-03-2003, 04:25 PM
First of all, there are so many different things that can influence RWHP on a dyno it is crazy. The most important bit of information you can take from this is ONLY the "difference" a mod did or did not make. This test needs to be conducted on the same day, same vehicle, under the same engine temperature conditions.
I have to assume, because of the simple bolt on CAI, that this dyno test was conducted on the same day and with the same vehicle. As long as the engine temperatures were real close......then this mod DOES make the claims under "those" conditions. If you do the tsets on different days or with different cars.......all bets are off.....period.

Regarding the low RWHP figures verses the "claimed" flywheel hp. In the test they were using an automatic transmission. This will net the higher drivetrain loss verses the 6 speed manual. So, if this car had a 6 speed......you might have seen another 5% more RWHP because of less drivetrain loss.

Finally, a "Mustang" style chassis dyno veres a "Dyno Jet" will net much different numbers all things being equal.

Ok, I'm done educating those of you that might not have been aware of these things. ;)

To make a short story as long as possible........IF all of the dyno guidelines were met and this CAI made the power it claims, count me in for one.....especially since they are local to me!! :D

See ya,

2003 G35 DG Coupe (daily driver)
6 spd, Nav, all the bells and whistles

1967 Camaro 540 cubic inch Big Block (weekend warrior)
834 flywheel horsepower - on motor
721 flywheel torque - on motor
10.22 @ 133 mph - on motor
250 shot of NOS on the way!!

02-24-2003, 07:43 PM
where can you buy this? i can't seem to find it for sale anywhere..

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