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Did I get screwed?

12-23-2002, 09:36 PM
I just bought a black on black 6MT coupe, with Nav, aero, body side molings, trunk mat, etc. The dealer had put on chrome wheels and tinted the windows. In the heat of the moment, I ended negotiating based on monthly payments instead of price. I ended up paying $40,200 for the car. Did I just get royally screwed? (I did get a low interest rate of 5.9). Advise.

12-24-2002, 11:26 AM
I don't want you to hate your car. I've had mine for almost a month, and I love it more every day. Was it worth it to you? Obviously since you bought it...you paid more than MSRP...I think MSRP for your car would be around $38,000, b/c your car was LOADED, PLUS Body side mouldings. Add the chrome wheels in, and I guess that's how you got to your price. I'm not sure what chrome wheels go for these days...probably not $2,000 when you factor in the fact that they are replacing stock wheels, but who knows. I think $40,000 for all you got is on the high side of fair. $39,000 would be right on IMO...Is this including tax/tag/license? If so, then $40,000 is actually pretty good...

If you got screwed anywhere, it's in your interest rate...5.9% for how long? I got 4.89 for 60 mos. Not sure how your credit is though. Mine's spotless, so maybe that factored in.

If you enjoy the car and feel it's worth $40K, who cares! It's a great car, inside and out and on the road. I'm sure some will say $40K is too much, but I wouldn't. I will not pay over MSRP for a car, and that's exactly what I paid...of course if MSRP was $40K, I'd probably have paid that. It's all relative. Enjoy your car, and welcome to the G35 family!

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