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2002 Sonata - Radio is out !!!!!

12-08-2007, 05:33 PM
I am having a weird problem, and hopefully, somebody has seen this before.

My Alpine radio, has been working since I bough this car (http://www.hyundaiforum.com/m_11181/tm.htm#), second hand, 3 years ago, and this week, it stopped working. My wife tells me that she hit a bump, and that was that. No more radio.

I looked into the fuse box, and noticed that the "Audio" fuse was blown. I replaced it with another 10 A fuse, and the radio (http://www.hyundaiforum.com/m_11181/tm.htm#) still did not work, so, I got to the radio, unpluged it, and could not find 12V on the power. Worse yet, when measuring, the reading on the digital meter, I got 0.00 V, but could see that the + and - signs were flickering. To me, that means a short :-( I took the key out, put the ohmeter, and touched the power and ground, and found no resistance :-( There is a short somewhere.

Now, for the weird stuff. I followed the harness, moved it a bit, but could not take the panel under the driver's seat, to try to access the harness going to the fuse box. DOES ANYONE KNOW how I get that out ? I took the two screws out, and tugged on it, and it was not coming out, so, I do not want to break it.

In any case, I looked at the Audio fuse again, and noticed that it was blown. Maybe from the last time I tried to get the radio to work. I put a new fuse, and voila, the radio is working again.

GREAT. Now, I take a little drive (http://www.hyundaiforum.com/m_11181/tm.htm#), and 5 minutes into my drive, the radio goes out, and you guess it, the fuse is blown again.

I do not think it is the radio, as I tried another radio, and it did not work either, but I did not leave it there. I am having some issues with my head lights, etc. I was wondering if this harness, somehow, feeds the head lights also. They are not out, but I am wondering if I could have a short effecting something on the Audio harness, that could explain this short !!!!

Any help will be great appreciated it.



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