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Oil Leak Update

11-21-2007, 01:56 PM
Looks like the oil leak on my '07 3.3 liter was coming past the filter cannister cap, I took the air filter assembly off as well as engine shroud to get at the cannister. I took filter and center post out and cleaned everything up, when I re-installed the cap it went about three turns and hit a sticking point I took cap off and checked for cross threading (nope) so I reinstalled the cap, it again went on smoothly for about three turns and then hit a sticking point, I put a little more hand/arm muscle to the cap and she moved past the sticking point and then easily screwed down until seated. I am hoping that is the issue. Film at 11:00.

11-22-2007, 11:14 AM
OK here is the deal, the post (large end) SNAPS into the cap and the small end goes into the reservoir well. In my case, the post fell out as I removed the cap and not being smart enough to look and see if it did indeed snap in, I just set the post in place in the reservoir and turned the cap down until I met resistance. Well, that meant that the "O" ring on the cap was not seated and I had an oil leak, I removed the cap, and then looked and sure enough there was a place for the post to snap in, I snapped her in and then I was able to fully seat the cap, and VOILA, oil leak is no more. (bad on me). :-(

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