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VSS and window woes

10-29-2007, 06:27 PM
K. I have two issues on a '88 Z31 NA automatic.

1. VSS is slowly dying. I know this because the speedo occasionally reads zero while cruising, at which point the torque converter unlocks, and the cruise control turns off. Problem is, I am having difficulty finding one for a reasonable price. Anyone know of a source?

2. Passenger side window works intermittantly, and won't roll up without assistance. The driver side quit too the first time it happened, unplugged the fusible link and plugged it back in, and both motors started working normally. Now, the passenger side one doesn't work and the driver side one does (neither pass window switch functions-- I tried them both.) When the pass window motor does run, the window gets "hung" halfway up and has to be pulled on with one hand while operating the switch. No issues rolling down, except when the motor doesn't run. I think it's either the motor ($350 from trademotion) or the regulator ($100 from Trademotion,) neither of which is cheap. Any ideas before I start tearing it apart, or suggestions on cheaper parts?

Any help is appreciated.

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