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'06-'08 Sonata suspension mods...

10-25-2007, 06:32 PM
I'm curious to know if anybody out there has done any mods to their suspension / chassi. The body roll of the Sonata is starting to annoy.

I love the ride in a straight line, but the corners almost make me sick. I want to make them a little bit easier to handle, without ruining the car's plush ride.

I found these Stabilizer Bars (http://www.sharkracing.com/acecart/bin/shop.cgi?action=view&itemID=stabilizer_2&cate=011100000) that say they're 50% stronger than OEM, would that really make a difference? that seems kinda pricey.

And I really like the price on this (http://www.sharkracing.com/acecart/bin/shop.cgi?action=view&itemID=strutbar-son_1&cate=011100000), but it says it only fits the 4-cylinder. Does anybody know if there's a version of this for the V6?

Has anyone here done these types of mods to the suspension in their '06 or '07 Sonata and seen a notable difference in body roll?

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