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Frankfurt Photos and Details from the ALPINA stand

10-09-2007, 06:46 PM
We were pleased to join ALPINA on the first press day of the IAA 2007 motor show.

ALPINA are positioned in Hall 5 opposite Rolls Royce and between Honda and Porsche. The stand is large, housing 5 ALPINAs plus a sizeable seating area, for the now legendary ALPINA hospitality (excellent wine and delicious canapes).

Present on the stand were the whole Bovensiepen family: Burkard, Andy and Florian. Andy presented the Press Conference in German unveiling two new models the B6 S and B3 Bi-turbo Cabrio.

Note: Although the press launch was for 2 cars there were actually 3 new cars on the ALPINA stand at Frankfurt IAA 2007.

First to be unvieled was the:

Click Here to see all the photos (http://www.thealpinaregister.com/photos/b6/s/coupe/0)
The new B6 will be known as the B6 S to differentiate it from the first generation B6. Power is increased to 530ps / 523 bhp and torque is also increased to 534lb ft / 724Nm. For the record the power increases by 30bhp (from 493bhp) and torque increases by 18lb ft (from 516bhp). The power increases were made possible by completely reworking the cam and intake overlap algorithms. The result of this was a considerable drop in exhaust gases. Having achieve this reduction ALPINA were then able to increase the power knowing that the engine would be able to handle it (and not revert to fail safes (which would have happened if they had not reengineered things)). The power curve for the car remains the same shape as that of the B6.

As a result 0-62mph is achieved in 4.5seconds making 0-60mph achievable in just 4.3 seconds ! Top speed increases too, up from 193mph to 198mph (318kmh). (Top speed in the Cabrio is up to 195mph.)

The biggest change from the B6 is that the S model gets a bespoke glass fibre / carbon fibre vented bonnet*. This is designed to primarily to increase engine cooling, with the vents positioned in the area to give greatest effect. The outer layer is a composite of glass fibre and carbon fibre (to ensure a smooth surface, to make sure the painted bonnet matches the rest of the car. The inner surface of the bonnet is pure carbon fibre. Although not the main driver the bonnet has a 10% weight saving.

Next Andy presented the

ALPINA B3 Cabrio
This is the third body style to be debuted by ALPINA, the B3 Bi-turbo saloon (http://www.thealpinaregister.com/photos/B3/bi-turbo/saloon/2) being debuted at Geneva earlier this year and the B3 Bi-turbo Coupe (http://www.thealpinaregister.com/photos/B3/Bi-turbo/coupe/4) debuting at Goodwood Festival of Speed. The B3 Cabrio will be the last of the initial models to be put into production as of September this year.
. With only the touring remaining, anyone wanting one of these will need to wait until September 2008 for production to start.

The show car was in ALPINA Blue and numbered 002.
Click Here to see all the photos (lots) (http://www.thealpinaregister.com/photos/B3/Bi-turbo/convertible/2)

The B5 S
Click Here to see all the photos (http://www.thealpinaregister.com/photos/b5/s/saloon/0)
Whilst the B5 was not officially launched (unveiled) it was present on the stand - the car an ALPINA Blue Saloon is visually no different than the B5 and the changes made to the engine are the same as those made to the B6 above. The B5 S touring will have the option of a roof mounted spoiler (likely to be standard on UK cars).

Power and Torque are the same as those quoted above for the B6 S. That means 523 bhp and 534 lb ft. 0-62 is improved to 4.6 seconds (making 0-60mph in 4.4 seconds) and top speed is increased to 197mph for the Saloon and 195mph for the touring.

Another note worthy change to both the B5 S and the B6 S is that ZF and ALPINA have worked on the switchtronic in order to improve change times down to just 100ms. (* this is the same as SMG, without the shortcomings !)

Other cars on display were:

ALPINA Green B3 Bi-turbo Coupe (No. 003)
Click Here to see all the photos (http://www.thealpinaregister.com/photos/B3/Bi-turbo/coupe/3)
with a beautiful two-toned leather (green and Champagne), Although this looks like the car we reviewed (http://www.thealpinaregister.com/ourroadtests/2825) at the end of July it is in fact a different car.

ALPINA Blue D3 Touring (No. 218)
sporting Classics and Dynamics dependant on which side of the car you looked at.
Click Here to see all the photos (http://www.thealpinaregister.com/photos/D3/-/estate/218)

Other news:

ALPINA has changed the design of the plaques, they now have a raised ALPINA emblem in the middle:

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