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Demo Crazy!!! (Sim Racing)

10-05-2007, 02:28 PM
Well it finally occurred to me that rFactor, which I've been playing all this time, it's physics suck so I've gone demo crazy. I've played 4 demos back to back and have improved in all, carefully picking my next main sim:

- GPL 2004, probably hardest game I've ever played, so
it's doing something right. It was originally out in Windows 2000 in 1998. Since then the online community has patched it to the point of being a nice looking unstoppable and super realistic race sim, with tons of great mods. The Demo alone, will have you on the edge of your seat.

- Netkar Pro, strictly online and not many cars but extremely accurate with the tracks like Spa, Silverstone, F2s and F3s. The demo comes with an F1600 (no wings) and It's a real thrill to drive. You have to turn on your car when you start and whenever you stall. You can even climb out of the car and walk around the track. The problem is that the online community is at a stand still waiting for a new upgrade. Best modern open wheel game period.

- LFS S2, probably the least real game I've played except for the fact that the physics are oustanding. It comes with like 40 cars, the only real ones are...The F1 is real...you can see what I mean for yourself. I hear it has an excellent online community .

Race 07: the WTCC game. This game is cool because it's made by the same people that did the GTR series. It has an F3000 you can try in the demo, along with Touring WTCC cars. Also has small prototype cars called Radicals. The problem hear is the physics could have as many problems as rFactor (same ISI engine). It handles differently then rFactor though, smoother for sure.

You can find all the demos for these games absolutely free online. Some may be unlocked to the full version online only, while others can be bought from stores. Older computers may have a hard time running Race07 because it's a beautiful game graphics-wise.

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