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Places to be near Brescia, Italy???

09-25-2007, 04:48 AM
Hi to all the italians and these who know Italy.

I'm in the area near Brescia (Lago de Iseo) with a couple of friends and would like to know if there are any spots I have to visit to look at nice cars (maybe italian ones :iceslolan )

BTW of course the Mille Miglia Museum is in the official program. Can't sleep since one week :screwy:

Best regards and thanks for your help!


09-25-2007, 05:41 AM
Obviously I'll advice you for a fast trip to Maranello-MO (Ferrari Gallery), Campogalliano-RE (Bugatti), and S.Agata Bolognese-BO (Lambo) , Borgo Panigale -BO (Ducati, I guess those guys are still in the party :D, all places closed in 50-60 Km and I believe 100 or so from Brescia.

BTW there's an interesting exibit at Milan this WE, the Hobby Expo at Novegro Park, just near Linate airport at Milan.

There's also an interesting car museum at Verona, 50-60 Km close to Brescia, I'll check the address if you have the chance to move, and another interesting temporary exibit at Bassano del Grappa (200 Km close to Brescia approx) at the Bonfanti's car Museum, with a Racing Maserati monography.

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