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You guy should be proud to own a DSM

09-15-2007, 12:44 PM

I miss my car again, when ever I saw something like this :frown: .

09-15-2007, 03:37 PM
I don't understand why they couldn't film the last pull... I'm gonna call BS on them going over 1000... But the 990 was quite impressive...

09-15-2007, 08:50 PM
Very impressive. Plus it didn't blow up... yet. Looks pretty decent too.

09-16-2007, 02:12 AM
awesome! :1:

09-19-2007, 12:32 PM
thats crazy as hell...

09-19-2007, 01:22 PM
I remember in one of the Import Tuner Mags they where pushing up to 60psi through an Evolution.Imagine that60 psi through an engine thats alot of boost even for an aftermarket rebuild. They really wanted to see how they would handle and how much power increase they would get.It was insane on the outcome.:grinno: I really want an evo so bad I found one but the bank wont loan me the money for it .:frown: I guess I will just stick with the Gs until I can find a cheap Gst that needs some work or one that has a blown engine.:smokin:

10-01-2007, 12:02 PM
id like to see that on the streets heh lol that thing would eat up pretty much anything lol

10-02-2007, 05:23 PM
I would say it would probabaly rape the hell out of anything.

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