Difference between GT350 and GT50

09-02-2007, 11:52 AM
Hey guys, I was looking on Ebay and I saw that the GT 350's were on an average twice the price of a GT 500. Techically speaking the 500 would have a bigger engine, thus be more powerful and so more desirable/expensive... But thats coming from a person who doesnt know squat about mustangs or shelbys... Could you please clarify that for me? I would sincerely appreciate it. :)

10-04-2007, 05:41 PM
Ive owned a few shelbys since 1972 . 1each early 66.68fb,69fb,69 convert.As a general statement one could say the GT 500 is worth a litle more depending on who's buying.
If the buyer sees the 428 as worth more ,then he will pay more. People that own big blocks see it that way. There are just as many who like the 350 or who dont care that much which one they own. Theyve been so rare you just get what you can.

There are lots of factors that over shadow the difference in engine size values.
The history,option configuration number built and how many still exist ,so on and so on.

By the way,Until gone in 60 seconds was made the 67 500 was generally the least priced shelby and had been since 1972. The popularity of that movie helped the prices go up fast and high due to perception and demand. It was the last year of shelbys being made in LA Sheby plant and the 427 engine in a shelby as I recall both of which have value to a segment of buyers.

I saw a 66 convertible shelby at a national shelby convention in LA in about 1980,and I think he was asking $6000. Alot of people doubted it was real,and it wasnt until it was made official to evereone that the price shot up.

Shelbys have always varied alot from each other in price fuled by the demand of buyers and expectations by owners. Those really are what dictates the price.

Go to NVSAAC.com or SAAC.com and you can find the answer to anything you want. NVSAAC even has a forum.
I joined SAAC,the main national club, back in 72 and it has been well worth joing the club (33 yrs!).
As a member you can find out any and everything. They are ,I believe ,the best run and organized national-worldwide auto club ever to exist.

Great cars to own and maintenance is so simple.
I've recently sold all my Shelbys but one. I may keep this one a couple more years. It is a 1969 GT350 4 sdpd convertible 192 produced (335 GT500s produced) About 10 years ago there were only about 50 accounted for,that may have changed since.


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