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84 Dodge Shelby Charger = AS IS $300

08-10-2007, 04:56 PM
*** You have to take the whole car! and get the cert., insur. & UVIP.! ***

I can't store it and don't have the time to part it up. So it will be junked in 2 weeks! - but I'd prefer a fellow enthusiast took it.

Good for parts, or if you have the skills, tools & time to restore it (I don't).
I've been driving it up until a week ago when I got a new car. Only about 130kms and hardly any rust.

2.2L non-turbo, red/silver with silver interior & clean bucket seats. 2 new tires (one season), most body & interior parts in good condition.

Various minor problems, but major things are: hole in gas tank (1/2 way up), rad fan doesn't work, steering shakes a bit on the highway, engine pings a bit, radio doesn't work, ripped ceiling cloth and the paint is dis-coloured (not quite as nice as photos).


Rutherford Rd. & Keele St. area - Toronto, Ontario

photos at: http://www.merlinse.com/tools/84charger.htm

08-13-2007, 01:52 PM
Ok the first person who contacted me said he would buy it on the spot and I said ok. So being a man of my word, I held everyone else off.

However it nows seems that he wanted parts for his rampage... "Doh" it appears that the parts he wanted from my "charger" don't look the same as his "rampage".

Unfortunately, I've now had so many people contact me that I really don't know who I should fairly contact next. So in order to give everyone a fair chance I'm just going to sell it to the highest offer. The best offer so far is $490.

I prefer to sell this to someone who knows the true value of this car (or at least what it looks like). I've taken 48 photos which may help.
Please email me your offer: simons_jess@yahoo.com and I'll contact you.

Here's a link to the photos: merlinse.com/tools/84charger.htm

Thanks kindly,

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