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1997 Ford Club Wagon XL Blower Motor

08-08-2007, 09:34 AM
So, I own a 97 Club Wagon. About a month ago when I tried to turn on the blower (AC or vent) it started to make this vibrating noise, and no air came out of the vents. I am getting ready to sell the van and not having a functioning air conditioning system is proving to be a big drawback. I asked around and the general consensus is that it is the blower motor. They are pretty cheap so I was considering installing it myself. I can't seem to locate the blower motor however. If someone could tell me where it is / how hard it will be to replace it, I'd appreciate it a lot.

08-12-2007, 02:59 PM
Go to advance or auto zone and look at a haynes manual. Buy a 1/4 inch socket set if you don't have one. Slide back the pass seat all the way. Use a good flashlight and look you should be able to see it. I t should be between the firewall and big duct. I would go to a junk yard that will allow you to go with a parts puller. Watch him pull the blower and motor. Ask for the nuts in case you drop one and can't find it.Also buy the resistor for the blower while you are their. This will give you some good experience.

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