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My Rocco

07-27-2007, 03:46 PM
hey everyone.

i have a 87 16v scirocco with a couple small issues. the car has been pretty good to me, i put a new clutch in it when i bought it and the thing seems solid. i just have a couple esthetic problems. 1st off. my seat is really bent and i found new ones but there 400 bucks... has anyone bent a seat back b4? its starting to hurt my back haha.

second. is my rims are hideious, ive talked to a few people about sizing rims for my scirocco but get mixed info. some people have said 16' by 7 and others say i cant fit any bigger then 15 by 5??? (4 by 100 bolt pattern)

3rd: has anyone got any experiance popping dents out of fiberglass?? i have a few warps in my wheel-well trim and bumpers.

4th: i just had a new shift bushing kit put in and adjusted becuase for a while it was hard to get the shifter into 1st. the bushing kit definatly helped but sometimes its still hard to get into 1st. i kno theres another adjustment but im not sure where.. haynes manual doesent help much...

5th: ive adjusted my idle about 50 times now but for some reason when i put the car through some high rpm's the idle goes off pace. it revs up and down until i adjust it again.

if anyone has some suggestions to my little issues id like to hear em.

thanks guys

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