Removing The Serpentine Belt - WIP

07-22-2007, 11:21 AM
This is still a work in progress...
I'll get more pics later as we go. :runaround:

- Those who have the engine mount in the way, see below!

You will need a ratchet or tensioner tool to remove the Serpentine Belt. The tool is available at select auto part stores for rent or to buy.
Assortment of sockets/wrenches depending on your year/model and what needs removed, and a floor jack.

Make sure you have a belt diagram or take a picture so you can reroute the belt correctly.

- First disconnect the neg battery terminal.

- Insert the ratchet head(or tension tool) in to the tensioner.
- Push toward the rear to loosen, slip belt off Alternator pulley.

Removing belt.

-For those who have the motor mount in the way, for power steering pump removal,
you'll need a floor jack on flat level ground and a flat piece of wood, and a torque wrench.

- Place the jack under the oil pan with the piece of wood in between the jack and oil pan.
- If you dont the jack will bust the oil pan because its aluminum.

- Jack up the jack untill it just takes the wieght of the engine off the motor mount on the pass side.

- Upper mount-to-fram nuts - Red arrows torque to 49 Ft Lbs
- Upper mount-to-engine support bolts - Yello arrow torque to 96 Ft Lbs

- Remove nuts and bolts, slip the belt through to remove.
- Now slide in the new belt.
Reverse procedures, and tighten up the motor mount.
Remove jack.

Depending on what you need to remove....

Alternator -
usually two bolts one visible from the side the other toward the firewall or the back side of the alternator facing the drivers side.

Unplug wire harness.
Disconnect the power wire on the back of alter.

Install in reverse procedure.

Water Pump- (V6)
Place a pan under the area below the WP to catch any coolant lost during the removal.

I find it best to loosen the 4 pulley bolts before I remove the belt. Other wise you'll need to hold the pulley with something when removing it.

A wrench placed in between the 4 bolts diaginally will help hold so you can break these loose.

Remove the Water pump mounting bolts.

Clean gasket surface if needed.
Install new gasket, everything else just reverse the procedures.
Note - you may need to bleed the cooling system after this, just reffer to that thread in the Tips and Maintenace sub forum (

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