91 Toronado stops starting from time to time

07-07-2007, 12:00 PM
My Toronado wouldnt start 2 months ago after sitting overnight. Thought I was out of fuel. Tried for several days and still wouldn't start. My brother was poking around under the hood on the passenger side and heard a faint click on the driver's side. When he tried the car, it started. Then 2 months later, I was at the store, came out and had the same problem. I had it towed to service station and it sat for a day, then when they went to start it, it did. They said they couldn't diagnose it unless it was not starting at the time. So I'm driving it not knowing when it will happen to me again. Has anyone had this problem? The battery seems fine and the car sounds like it is turning over, but it isn't firing.

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