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2004 Santa Fe - Programming the Keyless Remote

06-20-2007, 01:19 PM
I bought a replacement remote from KeyNFob.com for my 2004 Santa Fe. it looks identical to my original and comes with the following very clear instructions for programming the car to recognize it.

I tried these instructions several times but the remote did not work. The little led flashes to indicate it is transmitting.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions that have worked for them?



1. Access the alarm system receiver module behind the driver side dash. It has a memory switch with setting for OFF and SET. Make sure it is in the OFF position.
2. Switch the ignition ON.
3. Wait 5 seconds and then turn memory switch to SET.
4. Press and release the LOCK button on the remote. (To program a second remote, press itís LOCK button)
5. Turn the memory switch to OFF.
6. Turn the ignition to OFF.
7. Test the remote.

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