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ford mondeo tdci auto 03

06-07-2007, 07:57 AM
Hi everyone

got a customers mondeo diesel with a problem we cant sort out.we put a new gearbox in the car for him about six months ago and a few months ago had to put new fuel pump in as it disintegrated damaging the injectors.He is now back with a judder when accelerating in a high gear at 35-40 mph ONLY.It only seems to happen when the car is warm and once you get the judder and accelerate to 40 it goes.A normal person driving it wouldnt even notice it but because he tootals around at 30-40 its annoying to him.The gearbox people reckons its not the gearbox and a diesel specialist is sure its not the injectors or engine.....HELP!!any ideas...:banghead:

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