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06-03-2007, 07:24 AM
Im new here and really need some help.I love my Nubira and decided as its low mileage to keep it for another few years.Its a 1999 1600 se with abs brakes.
Its only done 35000 miles from new and is pristine.Ive had it four years now and only do about 4000 miles a year max!
Anyway,Im digressing!I took it for a service and new cam belt(okay,its nowhere near the manufacturerrs recommended 60,ooo miles but it IS 8 years old!)
While there i mentioned that it is groaning when the brakes are depressed.Knowing that I had new brakes pads last year nd that it passed an MOT in october,i thought it strange and wanted it sorting.The mechanic at the garage rang me and said it was sorted and i got an invoice for 437!!!Ouch!
Still,if im keeping it i figure its worth it.The invoice claims that brakes where checked and adjusted where necessary,two wheel cylinderswere replaced,two stab-links were replaced(what exactly are they?do they form part of the brakes?)and all the filters,plugs and oil were changed.One problem-while the brakles do seem a little more effective than before(though they were fine anyway),the groan is STILL there when i depress the pedal>!Now labour is aboput 29 per hour and there is VAT on top so I want to know if I take it back that it will be fixed this time.If they had taken ona test run they would have seen it was still groaning!!It may be worth mentioning that when it is wet driving conditions the groaning seems to be almost non-existentr as if the rain is lubricating something?If it turns out to be the brake fluid not getting through,can this be detrimental to the brakes system and should it have been picked up on the service which cost me over 100 of the total bill?At least i would know if i could refuse to pay on the grounds that they should have picked it up first time round-at the end of the day,ive paid them a lot of money!Help and advice all welcomed!

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