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probably 4. (essex engine numbers question)

05-29-2007, 06:25 AM
I don't own an M-series, though it's probably on the long list of cars i'd like.

I actually own a Capri, from which your 3000M's get their engines. Thing is, I think the Essex in mine, may have come from a TVR.

Perhaps someone here could confirm that, or disprove it and continue my engine mysteries? The engine number on Fords, was always two letters, followed by 5 numbers, like AB12345. But on mine, it's T208967.

Is this similar to those on anyone's Essex-engined TVR's? And does anyone know if the number is more than simply a sequential production number (ie, does it have a date code or something in there? My Capri's a 1980 one, but obviously if the engine's I cant date the engine at all)

The engine number doesnt appear to have been placed over a previous one, so did Ford supply engines unstamped there? ..for TVR to stamp with their own number...

I hope someone can assist me even a little, or perhaps forward me or this question onto other specific TVR forums?

- fearthecat

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