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need help with my car plz SUPER CHAGERED CIRRUS!!!????

05-16-2007, 07:50 PM
Hello Im 19 And I Admit I Dont No Much Bout Cars But Love Em To Death Anyways This Is My Prob

I Got A

Chrys Cirrus 1988 V6 2.5l Anyways

I Got No Idea What Proformance Parts I Can Put In It I Was Thinking Of Superchargeing It But Can I Really Or Adding A Turbo Kit But Again Can I What Do I Need To Do This

What Eles Can I Do To My Proformance I Need Help What Fits What Do I Need To Make It Fit How Much Will It Cost So I Really Need U Guys To Get My Car Started Plz

So Far All I Added Was An Amp And Sub

So Can You Guys Help Me Out With Some Stuff What Can I Put In My Car That Will Fit Or What Can I Put In It To Make A Part Fit If I Need To Change To Engine What Engine Do I Need To Go And Get To Add A Supercharger Or Whatever Help Me Out Ppl Plz

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