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Need advise on 1997-1998 v70

05-13-2007, 08:36 AM
Hi Greetings from Melbourne, australia...

I am planning to buy 97-98 v70. I actually just bought a 2006 model v70 and I must say I love this car very very much and yes planning to buy another one (am i not a freak??) but this is for me to go to work, so i dont need fancy and shiny new car so I can keep the new v70 in my garage for my wife taking kids to school and I use the old v70 to go to work and yes i need the wagon for the stuff i carry. (i am a machinary technician) Are there any problems with the early model v70? This is the first time for me to use volvo cars.

I also have my eye on a 1998 volvo xc70 but I heard it suffers lots of problems in the US. Heres the review in US and gave me a shock to read.
Dont know if we in australia have the same problems with australian delivery stock. So if anyone can say anything about this, it will be greatly appreciated.


Also I read some articles from internet saying some v70 owners experienced near death experience. Their new volvo v70 engulfed in flames!!! This appears to happen with 2000-2002 model. Is this true??or hoax??

If anyone could have their say about their experience and problems with their v70/xc70 it would be greatly appreciated.

09-20-2007, 05:23 PM
Just for fun so can I inform you that the S70 and V70 (first bodies 1997-2000) are very common family car here in its homeland Sweden. However, the statistics shows that these are the most expensive cars to own, lots of service needed on them.
But they are nice and safe to travel in. :-)

About them going into flames, not common at all, okay they had some in the beginning with some few but they took them back and fixed it. Even if we have these cars everywhere here so havenít we heard about flaming cars for some long time now. But the Saab models brakes down all the time in the engine, hurray for Volvo. (we have two cars made here, Volvo and saab, and we choose side, just like saab or Volvo, and I choose Volvo so thatís why I wrote hurray)

So, about the early v70. Well they often need to replace one small part in the steering which I donít know the name of in English. Thatís the worst noted thing, which isnít so bad isnít it?
No, but probably annoying to change ďoftenĒ. And some rubber thing which worn out and makes a sound when you hit a hole, also close to the steering.
So no large things, just small things and ďoftenĒ.
Donít thing other cars need less attention actually.

If you want a modern Volvo at low price, then buy it. If you want a Volvo which drives for ever and ever, buy an 200 700 900 s90(same as 960 but more expensive to buy).

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