Synthetic switch?

05-08-2007, 01:57 PM
Has anyone switched from conventional oil to synthetic in their small engine(s)? I own an Ariens GT20 garden tractor that I bought new in 1998. It currently has 238 hours on the engine and I have changed the oil and filter as recommended in my owners' manual at the specified times. I am due for another change shortly and have been considering changing over to synthetic oil. I am also noticing in the last year, more synthetic oil on the shelves aimed at small engines. I wasn't sure if the newer small engines are now requiring it (just bought a new Craftsman chainsaw last summer and they included a bottle of synthetic 2 cycle oil with it.)I use synthetics in my vehicles and would think I would get the same results in small engines. Has anybody experienced any problems when they switched?

01-09-2008, 03:41 PM
I run all my small engines on synthetic (Mobil 1) and they have done just fine. I have a snow blower that is 19 years old and it runs like new.

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