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My Automotive Gallery

Iceman Kimi
03-25-2007, 11:15 AM
hi everyone.

here some pics i take at Mugello during a trackday and some shots i take at Rally Del Ciocco 2007,a race of the Italian Rally Championship.

hope you like.

My Gallery (http://www.flickr.com/photos/7196406@N05/?saved=1)

i shot with a Canon Eos 30D equipped with Sigma 70-300 APO DG f 4-5,6

some shots taken with the Canon EF-S 18-55

09-23-2011, 01:50 AM
Nice collection of pictures

05-10-2013, 11:27 PM
great huh.. wowowowow :)) nice gallery i enjoyed seeing all pictures of your car gallery. please add more :)

01-16-2014, 06:47 PM
Nice shots man! You've photographed some cars I've never even seen before. I really love the Reventon!

07-01-2021, 08:23 PM
nice pics

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