Installing a Cold Air Intake - For V6 Models 96+

03-21-2007, 09:22 PM
Installing a Cold air intake (CAI)
This is about a 30-40 minute job.

Of coarse you will need a CAI (

- First remove the stock air box lid (, and remove the air filter.
- Loosen the clamps on the Throttle body and MAF sensor.
- Remove the rubber boot and pop out the PCV vent and IAT sensor on the right of the air intake tube.
- Remove the 3 10mm nuts ( the lower air box ( place and remove that.
- With that removed it should look something like this (
- Next jack up the front drivers side of the car and remove the wheel for ease of install.0

- Now you need ro remove the push pins ( holding the inner fender splash shield on. A panel tool works best for this so you dont damage them. Red circle is a 10mm nut that holds the factory duct inside the fender.

-A better pic here (
- Now you'll need that 10mm socket to remove the bottom panel screws (
(or push pins) to fully open up and remove the old air intake tubing/pieces (
- Install the tubing between ( MAF and throttle body.
- Dont tighten the clamps all the way untill everything is put together and lined up.

-Now insert your long tube down through the bottom of the hole ( the old duct came through.
- Connect the other end to the MAF (
- Now put the filter on the end of the long tube inside the fender (
- Now install the PCV vent pipe, the IAT sensor and plug the MAF ( back in.
- Making sure the wires are able to reach the corresponding connections.
- if not readjust the intake tube so they will reach.

- Tighten all the clamps on all of the cuplers now.
- Should look something like this (
- Reinstall the bottom panel, and fender splash shield.
- Install the wheel, torq to 100ft lbs.
- Lower vehicle.

Start the car to make sure things are in working order.

Now enjoy your CAI :thumbsup:

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