Throttle Body Coolant line By Pass

03-21-2007, 08:19 PM
Summers on its way, about time to By pass that throttle body(TB) heater!
The heated TB is good for cold climates,
though it is unnecessary for the Hot weather.

By passing the TB during the warmer months you will keep the incoming air cooler.
Cooler air means more power,
as colder air contains more Oxygen.
More O2 = more HP :grinyes:

You will need -
A rubber hose 7-7.5" long and 1/2' OD ,
a couple of small hose clamps.
A catch pan to catch the Coolant that will drain from the hoses.
And of coarse, coolant to top off when finished.

- First remove the air duct between the TB and MAF sensor.
- You can remove the TB if it helps gain access to the hoses located on the recirculator tube to the TB.
- The hoses to the TB are probly held with those compresion clamps, might want to replace them with screw type hose clamps.
- After removing the hoses it should look like this.
- Connect the Bypass hose to one of the fittings, then loop it under the TB and connect it to the other end.
** If you caould find rubber caps these would be much easier to install.
- Here is the hose I'm using.
- Make sure the clamp are tight.
- Reconnect the intake tube.
- Start the car and let warm up, turn on heater(to purge any air trapped) and top off the coolant.
- Replace resivoir cap and let the system pressurize then check for leaks.

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