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A VG Engine Community

03-14-2007, 05:36 PM
Hey sup guys. I'm Andre and I've never owned an Elgrand nor posted here and theres a reason. I'm into Z's. Particularily the Z31. I always thought that the Z31 engine was only in Z31's. Well, ever since I discovered it was in other Nissan's like the Elgrand, I became addicted to the engine itself, not just the Z31. I am convinced that the VG line of engines is one of Nissan's greatest engineering feat. It has soooo much potential, but there isnt enough people, nor hype around it, to unleash it's full potential. I'm tired of it. Then I realized....there actually is enough people, and there are plenty of us addicted to this engine and many of us working on it and modding it. Only problem is we are all seperated in different communities. Be it Elgrand clubs, Z31 clubs, Pathfinder communities, or others. Meanwhile hondas and RB engines are running circles around us and continously making headroom in terms of performance. So I'm calling on all those addicted to the VG engine to help me establish a respectable alliance.
http://www.vgpowered.com which is coming soon.
I created a forum for it and its being hosted at

I'm not trying to steal members here, and actually I will even post a link back to this forum. I'm looking for others with my same passion for the VG engine, and to help me bridge the gap between communities.
We all have something to contribute and we all have something to learn. So if you would introduce yourself in the members section, and post a picture of your ride....this "alliance" would greatly benefit.
Tell me what you think.

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