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1996 mystique stnd. transmission, idle fluctuates up and down

02-16-2007, 04:54 AM
Have a 1996 Mystique six cylinder, stnd. transmission, I put in new plugs and wires, the initial fire up was good...then I had a misfire..I corrected that..but then after that...the engine, during startup goes to 2500rpms then back down to the point of stalling, then back up, then back down. While driving, it's the same..I continuously have to stay on the gas pedal in order to keep from stalling. I had 2 codes referring to lean banks..I did replace the upper oxygen sensor, but prior to the fluctuating idle, I was already aware of the oxygen sensor codes. So I'm thinking I have a vacuum leak or the sensor on the throttle body or some relation to it is bad. There is a vacuum line which comes from the master brake cylinder over to the top of the engine which broke off, while I was replacing plugs and wires, and of course, the piecechich is inside the top of the engine, did end up inside the engine. I used a piece of hose and was able to attach to the broken plastic vacuum line in hopes this corrected the problem of any vacuum leak due to this jerry rigging job. Any ideas to a solutution?

02-16-2007, 02:19 PM
First thing that came to mind was a vacuum leak. Might want to check the IAC too.

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