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93 civic halo wiring???

02-15-2007, 09:44 PM
my friend decided to "pimp" his ride with projectors... ebay specials.
They look decent, but my jappenesse is a bit rough.

Ive got the wiring done for the halos, there wired to the parking lights. But there is 2 sets of wires on the wiring harness. There is 2 reds, and 2 black wires. Before i go boofing a set of headlights, should i wire the red upto the battery to see what would happen, and the blacks to the ground? theres 2 fuses on the red wires, so im assuming, but maybe you guys have done one or two of these before?
Why cant people just listen to me when i say stay away from stuff thats labeled in jap? I cant read jap, so it dont help me....

lol, thanks.

03-15-2007, 07:42 PM
You can wire them into the P lights....but ur gunna kick your slef in the ass..... i did the easy way, and wired them up to a separate switch. The hassle of trying to figure out what wire goes where was going to be a bitch....I bought fog lights a while back, so i wired them in to the fog light wires.....if you dont have any, get a rocker switch with three prongs, some wire....bout 20 feet long just in case. start by running a power wire. tap into any 12V hot wire, or straight from the battery. Run that wire to the + on the rocker switch. Run a ground wire from the - on the switch to something metal. Then run a third wire from the third prong on the rocker switch (should be the middle one) to the red wire on the halos. then run the black wire from the halos to metal. That should work. If u need help, just ask. Heres a primative drawing.....


|--|-- -------red(12V)-----------Batt.
|--|-- -------white/any other color---------------red(halo)-- Head light
|--|-- ------black(ground)------metal metal----black(halo)--

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