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What is going on with Lybra again?

02-09-2007, 08:00 AM

First it was ad acta revoked, abandoned from their offer, what I've found very silly in the first place. Lybra is one of the most elegant and profound cars found in its segment. Considering, the lack of taste and pure aggression design direction of present European models, truly decent and profound statement. I remember even last year they completely removed any information on Lybra.

Now I visited their main site and Lybra is again offered?

But the same old Kappa engines still reside in those Lybras? Why on earth if Fiat so ruthless toward Lancia?

Thesis has such beautiful turbo engine, why are they tormenting Lybra with such relic engines? Relic mostly in relation to economy,power and mostly environment. We are talking EU3 engines for goodness sake?

Have I missed something, but I don't see any restyled feature on Lybra either?

Not that Lybra needs any design upgrade, but I really hope they would give that car a decent modern engine to cope with the rest of the exquisite magic of this car.

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