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high stall or low stall converter???

02-02-2007, 06:58 PM
eh guys, got a 95 e-150 conversion van, 4.9, 3spd c6 auto tranny. First gear is slipping bad, but reverse and 2 and 3 work great. Got a guy that will rebuild it for less then i can even get used (250 plus parts, he'll pull, rebuild, and reinstall), he suggested I get a high stall converter along with the overhaul kit, i was gona get em on ebay, but 2 of the ebayers suggested a low stall for my application, i've been gently reading up on this to decide between the two, but i suck at decision making processes.... lol.
So please make up my mind for me, I'm already iritated that ford even put a 3 spd tranny in a conversion van, i've never had a 3 spd, but now i see why, it feels like i'm winding out at 70 and just wasting gas..... they should of at least had an od for a conversion van ya know.... arent these design for travel....

Anyways, sorry.... So this conversion van is being used as a work van. The back end will be full of tools, probobly about 500-700 lbs. of extra weight, sometimes more with materials, and ocassionally, just ocassionally, maybe once a month or so, i may tow a 6x8 trailer with materials, but not often at all, just when i need it cause i got one ya know... but i'm also a lead foot, i drive fast, take off fast, stop fast, etc. etc. I'm probobly more prone to speed then i am torque since i may only tow once in a great while... which did the factory put in it originally, and what do you guys recommend for my needs. basically, i just want the thing to feel normal i guess ( not sure what normal feels like in this one, only had it 2 weeks, and 1st gear has been slipping since). thanks guys, appreciate the response.

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