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2004 Jetta GL bumber chrome issue

01-15-2007, 11:47 PM
Hi how's it going everyone. This problem seems entirely way more complex than it should be but anyway here goes. I recently hit someone with my front bumper on the 2004 jetta GL. I scratched the bumper but cracked and pushed in the molding. On the 2004 and 2005's the molding is like a two part molding, one of the parts being a smaller chrome strip at the top. I'm not sure if its just that strip or the entire molding but it's 174 dollars just for the part from the dealer, that's after haggling the price. I looked up aftermarket bumper covers, which is the entire outer part of the bumper, but it would need to be painted. I could get one of those for substantially less than just the molding from the dealer but I'm not sure if it's going to have the right molding. I can never get a straight answer from one of the customer service reps from any of the companies as to if they know whether or not they make the two part molding bumper for just the 04-05 or if its just the standard one like 99-03. The pic is of the standard but they say they have the 04-05 one and that's just a stock photo. They really don't seem to know what they are talking about though and I don't want to order it and get the wrong thing, because the shipping costs is what gets you, not the actual cost of the bumper. Does anyone know anything else about how to acquire this molding aftermarket, or if they know any good companies that could assure me i was ordering the correct bumper cover? Thanks a lot I dont' want to end up spending $300+ at the dealer if i dont have to.:banghead:

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