California registration issues

12-23-2006, 05:20 PM
I recently accepted a free 78 Chevy Step Van from a friend's Uncle. He had checked with DMV and they said that it was no longer in the computer, meaning it no longer had any record or history in the DMV computer. So, I took it home, threw some parts at it and now its ready for the road. I went to register it and it in fact still IS in the computer. Its my fault for not checking.

For those of you who don't know, California requires you to continue paying registration on a vehicle regardless of whether or not its on the road. You can do a planned non-operational registration which is cheaper, but they charge you all your back registration (up to three years) plus penalties if you want to re-register it.

So, for my free rustbucket truck, I have to pay $1900 to get it re-registered. Even if I was somehow able to get them to waive the penalties, its still $900 which is still more than what this heap is worth.

I have one more idea... If I could register it in another state, then bring it back, it has no history here. Problem is, I don't have a driver's license in the only other state that I live, Pennsylvania.

Do you folks know of any state where I can register it? I already submitted the title once, so it already has my name and signature on it. Otherwise I would send it to my parents in PA and have them do it.

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